Triton mCCR Hogarthian Style

World record Wreck Dive 2008 Milano LagoMaggiore Italy

Rebreather Theory

How does a rebreather work?

intro to CCR diving



Natal and Protee expedition, France

natal_protee door Epaves_passion  

Yamashiro Expedition, Philipines

Janos Moldar Cave System, Budapest, Hungary

Victoria, Lebanon

DIRrebreather Wreck Exploration

DIRrebreather Cave Exploration


DIRrebreather Limestone Mine Budapest, Hungary

DIRrebreather Ador, Croatia

Cave Sra Keow, Song Hong, Thailand 

Black Sea Wreck Diving

Pim interviewed by the BBC about the Britannic

Only the link: BBC Britannic 



Rebreather Introduction

Divepost Rebreather Introduction

 Submatix mCCR dive Vinkeveen Zand Eiland 4, The Netherlands (one of my students)

 Fun in Vinkeveen Zand Eiland 4 with iPhone 4S

Britannic Interview BBC